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Upgrade your summary carousel blocks with this easy to use code snippet

Tired of your summary carousels auto-scrolling back to the start when your users reach then end?

Wish they could just be taken to the store page, blog page or even to a totally unrelated page?

This code is for you. Simply paste the snippet, specify your blocks, urls and any text and you're good to go!

This plugin code allows you to turn the final "right arrow" on your summary carousels into a link to any page on your website (or elsewhere), as well as change the arrow to text.

This is perfect for testimonials, blog posts and products as you can use it to redirect to a main index or store page, for a more seamless and user friendly experience.

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Digital Product - No Refunds

Sorry folks, this is a digital product so there's no way to refund.
If you're unsure if it'll work, just message me beforehand and let's talk.

Last updated Sep 29, 2023

A code snippet to allow you to click-through to a specific page when you reach the end of your Summary Carousel Block

Easy To Customise!
Specify which blocks, where they link and change the arrow to display text of your choice
Easy To Install!
Simply place the snippet into your code injection and change values to suit!
No code knowledge needed!
Copy, paste and update as you please!
Vanilla Javascript
No dependencies on jQuery or other libraries!
Link to any page
Just use the URL slug for any page on your website OR external.
Unlimited Use License!
You are free to use this plugin on as many sites as you'd like!
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Squarespace Summary Carousel Block Arrow Click Through

0 ratings
I want this!